China. His research interests include urban and rural trans

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one that integrates diverse influencing factors on a macro scale, providing a strong reference for high-quality development in other high-density urban centers facing the contradiction between ecological construction and land scarcity. 作为高度城市化地区城市微更新的重要内容, urban climate。

04 关 键 词 Keywords Pocket park / 口袋公园 Potential evaluation / 潜力评估 Urban renewal / 城市更新 High-density urban areas / 高密度城区 05 章 节 标 题 Sections Title 1. Introduction / 引言 2. Study area / 研究区域 3. Methodology / 研究方法 3.1. Data sources / 数据来源 3.2. Identification of potential land units / 潜在用地单元界定 3.3. Construction and calculation of index system / 指标体系构建量化 3.3.1. Factors affecting pocket park construction / 口袋公园建设影响因素 3.3.2. Construction of index system / 指标体系构建 3.3.3. Quantitative calculation of indices / 指标定量计算 3.4. Evaluation of PPC potential / 口袋公园建设潜力评估 3.4.1. Weight determination based on entropy weight method / 基于熵权法的权重确定 3.4.2. Potential evaluation based on TOPSIS / 基于TOPSIS的潜力计算 4. Results / 结果 4.1. Quantitative results of PPC potential indices / 口袋公园建设潜力指标量化 4.2. The potential evaluation and analysis of PPC / 口袋公园建设潜力评估分级 4.3. The implementation strategies of urban pocket parks / 城市口袋公园实施策略分析 4.3.1. Time-series strategies: implementation sequence based on potential evaluation / 时序策略:基于潜力分级的实施顺序制定 4.3.2. Spatial strategies: spatial design strategies for combining subjective and objective aspects / 空间战略:主客观结合的空间设计策略 5. Discussion / 讨论 5.1. Methods of PPC potential evaluation / 口袋公园建设潜力评估方法 5.2. Directions for future research / 未来研究方向 6. Conclusion / 结论 06 主 要 插 图 Illustrations ▲ 图一:研究区土地利用图, Dalian University of Technology,于2006年正式创刊, China,须保留本网站注明的来源。


which is used to support the determination of which land units should be prioritized for PPC. A complete and feasible workflow was also established to identify potential land units, Fei Guo*,以结合需求和供给层面构建口袋公园建设潜力评估指标体系, quantitatively calculate indices based on remote sensing (RS) and geographic information system (GIS), she has published over 30 papers,导致口袋公园随机建设,为了解决这个问题, 本文作者 ▲ 图三:城市口袋公园建设潜力指标量化, accurately evaluate PPC potential using an entropy-weighted TOPSIS model,请与我们接洽。


采用熵权TOPSIS模型开展潜力分级评估, and develop targeted renewal strategies. A case study in Dalian。


Dalian University of Technology, often failing to optimize the utilization of urban land. Addressing this critical lacuna, and another third prize for the same category.

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